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Wikia Fandom picks 4 abandoned projects Star Trek should revisit.

Screenrant ponders the question: Should Star Trek movie sequels return to the Prime Timeline?

Dear Prudence, My wife and I live in a small apartment at the back of our landlords' lot.

They are a sweet, retired couple who have been very kind to us.

Tanaami has been on the site a few time as of late, he is one of the great Japanese pop and psychedelic artists of the postwar era!

This summer the city of Birmingham in the UK has a new public art trail exhibit called “The Big Sleuth“, featuring more than 100 painted bear sculptures in the city’s streets, parks and open spaces.

The back door of their house faces our front door, and we walk past it when we come and go.

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Each is painted with a different theme such as “Shakesbear” and “Thread-bear” and the goal is for people to search the city to find them all.

One of the bears featured will be a Star Trek-themed “Spock bear.” The Big Sleuth starts on July 10th.

What Culture picks 10 most important episodes of Star Trek TOS.

Movie Pilot finds 5 reasons why being rejected from Starfleet may be the best thing that ever happened to you.

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