Consolidating your credit card debt south and north american dating sites

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But you can call your creditors yourself and ask them to reduce your interest rate or to extend the repayment period.

Often credit card companies will accommodate customer requests to ease payment, because they want to keep the business.

Because there is no general industry consensus as to what the best options are, we have narrowed down your options.Generally, financial experts advise against debt-consolidation companies.They may offer a quick solution, but often they are costly and unnecessary.In other words, the good money habits for staying out of debt and building wealth aren’t there—their behavior hasn’t changed—so it’s extremely likely they will go right back into debt.If you are looking to buy a home but hold a large amount of credit card debt, it may make sense to consolidate your debt as part of your overall path to financial fitness.

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They also can provide budgeting and financial management training and advice to help you along the road to recovery.

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