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I thought it would be polluted, a giant traffic-jam-filled city with vain wannabe-celebrities. Bangkok is no spring chicken, Barcelona needs a good scrubbing, and rush hour in Tokyo is no joke. is trying to make it as an actor or screenplay writer. And cities we know the least about are often the places we love the best.

Yet while I see these things in other cities, they don’t seem to bother me as much as they do in Los Angeles. It just seems to sprawl forever, and it’s filled with too many people trying to make it. We aren’t looking for things that fit into the mold our mind has made.

It was a city I knew nothing about, and I was able to form my own opinions about the city right on the spot. We take our knowledge with us and use it as a lens to view the city.

Often when we travel, we see cities not as how they are but how we expect them to be.

Alas, only the Jekyll and Hyde seem to accommodate this reasonable request. Arrive at Jool’s Holland’s Jam House without a ticket post 9.30pm, and you’ll be joining Birmingham’s slowest moving queue. The Bristol Pear serves pints from a toothy-grin £2. Catch the likes of Mr Scruff and the Hot 8 Brass Band at the Rainbow Warehouse, the Hare and Hounds or the Bulls Head. There is nowhere worth having a late one for on a Monday night.

Their demise occurs after the obligatory move to Walkabout on Broad Street. The best gin and tonic can be found at Purnell’s Bistro, the cocktail-fuelled outpost of Michelin-starred chef, Glynn Purnell. Moseley, Harborne, Kings Heath or any Bitters ‘N’ Twisted venue is the antidote. Pro footballers and wannabe wags hang out at Mechu – but never before 11pm, when the main dance floor’s opened. The Nightingale – in the heart of Brum’s gay quarter – is the friendliest super club we know. Every serious night out ends with the best cheesy chips in the city at Mr Egg circa 2am.

Then you might want to try hanging in out in some of these places.

According to data compiled by Sanlom, a website that's kinda weird but seems legit, these areas have the highest concentration of singles, as determined by census information.

The first is the singing voices of all of the guys. Ray Thomas, with his trembling, childish tenor, was in many ways one of the primary trademarks of the group, and the amazing thing is that he got better as he got older.The site compared how many dudes per lady and vice-versa since the Census doesn't measure sexual orientation (this does), and here's what it came up with. Garden City — Nothing says love like the city that boasts it's home to the first Kmart, Little Caesars, AND dine-in Mc Donald's in Michigan (go ahead, check our facts). And really, aren't you having more fun being single anyway?I am in the process of pulling it out (with gloves and long pants on, of course).I suspected it might be at least a relative of poison ivy.

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