Kim jong il dating

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Kim jong il dating

But Soviet records claim he was born on February 16, 1941 in the village of Vyatskoye, in Russia, where his parents were in exile during the Japanese occupation of Korea.

6 North Korea has one of the largest armies in the world.

Kim Jong Un visited the Kangso Yaksu Spring Water Factory in the North Korean city of Nampo, according to state media on Saturday.

Kim, who was most recently seen watching the firing of a short-range ballistic missile, may be turning his attention on the North Korean economy after engaging in a series of provocations that have earned him condemnations and more United Nations Security Council sanctions on Friday.

* Even before his birth, the future leader of North Korea was triggering miracles.

Official biographers say his birth in a cabin on the slopes of Baekdu Mountain in February 1942 was foretold by a swallow and heralded by a double rainbow.

While some say Sol-ju hails from a family that numbers among the Communist elite, others say she was born to an average family.

The 46-year-old, who had branded his younger brother's regime a 'joke', was allegedly poisoned while waiting for a flight and died on his way to hospital.

There were claims he had been attacked by two women – suspected North Korean agents – who sprayed a toxic chemical in his face.

* According to the Korea Central News Agency, Kim is an expert on all aspects of the film industry and "improved the scripts and guided the production" of the movie "Diary of a Girl Student." His favourite movies are reportedly "Friday the 13th," "Rambo" and anything starring Elizabeth Taylor.

* Kim reportedly employs a servant to inspect every grain of rice that is served to him.

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Stooges from Kim Jong-Un's North Korean embassy were seen in a car with blacked-out windows outside the city morgue where his body was taken - and waited there so long they eventually ordered a KFC meal, it has been claimed.