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Network threat protection not updating

This means your incident response team can spend its limited time responding to actual threats, not chasing down false positives and searching for indicators of compromise (IOCs).

Global Threat Intelligence Forcepoint sends threat intelligence updates containing the characteristics, behaviors and associated IOCs of every malicious object curated and analyzed within the global service.

To achieve these goals, advanced threat protection services and solutions must offer several components and functions for comprehensive ATP: When a threat is detected, further analysis may be required.

Security services offering ATP typically handle threat analysis, enabling enterprises to conduct business as usual while continuous monitoring, threat analysis, and response occurs behind the scenes.

It’s become increasingly difficult to identify the malware components of advanced threats, mostly due to the evolution of evasion tactics and technology by criminal and nation-state threat actors.

Unmatched Accuracy Forcepoint Advanced Malware Detection technology is unmatched in security efficacy.

Blue Cat Threat Protection creates a DNS firewall that provides an additional layer of defense against malicious Internet content and infected devices.

Whether the device is in a fixed location, or is mobile and lives beyond the walls of your enterprise, it can be protected from accessing malicious content.

This allows for faster identification of previously-seen threats, new threats that reuse objects, and streamlines the analysis, detection and response to previously unseen threats.

As with sandboxing, Forcepoint Advanced Malware Detection provides a simulated environment for malware execution; that is where any similarity ends.

Attacks continue to become increasingly targeted, stealthy, and persistent, and ATP solutions take a proactive approach to security by identifying and eliminating advanced threats before data is compromised.

Advanced threat protection services build on this benefit by providing access to a global community of security professionals dedicated to monitoring, tracking, and sharing information about emerging and identified threats.

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Blue Cat Threat Protection leverages the pervasiveness of DNS to stop malicious activities before they can reach business-critical applications or data.

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