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Dating websites were created mainly to address every person's need to connect with other people.Miss Taylor said she could see its dome-like structure, lit up by a row of five porthole lights, which, from its underside, emanated a red, furnace-like glow, which lit up the tops of the trees, before it flew off at 'vertiginous’ speed."One moment it was there and the next instant it was going away in the direction from which it came, like a shooting star," she said.She said all that remained in its wake was an expanding, luminous ring of smoke, leaves and debris that rose and hung above the trees for several minutes. Autumn, 1964On one autumn morning in 1964, a Niton farmer reported a large, mysterious 5ft hole in his field — its sides clean and sharp, which bent sharply and dropped a further 10ft, without evidence of any vehicle being around it, said investigators.It’s speed was fantastic — doing at least 2,000mph," he said. July, 1961Clare Taylor, of Ryde, with her mother, reported a UFO sighting in July 1961.Miss Taylor, who was interviewed on local television, described the UFO as a 'disc craft’, which they saw hovering low over trees as they looked out towards The Solent just after midnight.

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