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Sat nav updating

Not only that though, the new sat nav navigation update also comes with 1000's of updated points of interest.You probably want to buy a sat nav update because you need the most up to date road data base, perhaps you are not sure whether the latest disc is worth the money.Depending on which figures you believe, up to 15 percent of the UK’s roads change each year.That means your satnav’s maps will become less accurate as time goes on.New roads and housing estates are built, existing roads can be changed from two-way to one-way streets or pedestrianised and new junctions and roundabouts are added.At worst you’ll end up in the wrong place, unable to find your destination, or you might simply be late.Even with several years of updating various models of Garmin sat-navs, I have found the experience torturous at times.

The Ventura system includes many features to make your journey as easy as possible including the most comprehensive database of 24,000 caravan, camping and motor home stopover sites across UK & Europe.As long as your satnav is relatively modern (within the last five years or so), you should be able to update it.Smaller brands such as Navigon might present a problem, but those with Tom Tom, Garmin or Navman satnavs should be fine.Sites such as; Camping and Caravan Club, Camperstop, Bord Atlas, and ACSI. All of our caravan and motorhome sat navs also incorporate Snooper’s market leading speed camera technology, helping you to reach your destination quickly and safely and our premium models include DVB-T (Freeview TV) plus the ability to display tyre pressure alerts.However, at any point in time Navigation Australia cannot guarantee that (a) our digital maps are a 100% reflection of the Australian road network, or (b) that we will be able to address map error requests within consecutive map update releases.

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Bear in mind that updates can be expensive – costing almost as much as you paid for the satnav in the first place - and it might be worth putting the money towards a new, better-featured satnav which will come with the latest maps.