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The kernel configuration specifies whether the features and options of a kernel are to be enabled or not, perhaps built into the kernel, or perhaps built as modules which can be loaded into the running kernel on demand.Hence the configuration file of the new kernel may have new entries the configuration file of the old kernel doesn't have, and it might not have entries anymore which are present in the configuration file of the old kernel.Assuming your server needed a new kernel and was thus upgraded, reboot your server to complete the process!

Please note that enabling autoinstall does not mean the Ksplice Uptrack client itself is automatically upgraded.

Making a new kernel from the new sources is basically the same process as making a kernel when installing the system.

The difference is that one can use the configuration of the old kernel to create a configuration for the new kernel.

Updating the kernel on Red Hat Linux or Cent OS Linux is a very simple process.

Most commonly you will use the following command in the case of a security vulnerability, or perhaps just to verify that you’re running the most up-to-date kernel: is the package you’re updating!

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Checking the Kernel Version After Updating You can also see a machine's effective kernel on the Web interface or through the API.